Friday, February 27, 2009

My Big Boy is Getting Older!

Well I can't exactly call him my little boy, but he is getting older. He got his second stripe in Karate. And we attended the Blue and Gold dinner last night for Cub Scouts. He is so excited for when he turns eight in about 5 months. He can't wait to start cub scouts and last night made him even more excited for it. Wow I can't believe I will be having another baptism in a blink of an eye. They grow so fast. Oh well that is life, and we are living it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Change Overnight!

Oh how your busiest day of the week can change to doing NOTHING! in a moments time. About four this morning I was awoken to LOGAN spewing at the mouth. That is how your day can Change from alot to Nada. I think I would rather be busy all day. Oh well that is life with the kiddos. Just glad he goes to the toilet all by himself!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday!

Off to a busy week, but isn't every week a busy week? You think you have nothing till you wake up Monday morning and BAM! Busy week. maybe I will get a moment to clean in between Preschool, Dentist appointments, Visiting Teaching, Meetings, Hair, Dance, Karate, Activity Days, Blue and Gold Dinner, Cleaning other peoples houses and whatever else comes up. WHAAA!WHAA!WHAAAAAAAAA! Oh well that is life with kids and callings and LIFE in general. Love you all and A Very Happy Monday to You!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Scott and I had such a great day yesterday we were able to make a trip down to the San Diego Temple. It was wonderful as always. Then we had lunch at T.G.I Fridays and it cost us a big whopping 8 bucks, because we had a buy one get one free. Can't beat that. Then later that evening we got to go to our stake valentines dance. I haven't danced so hard in years. It made me feel like I was a youth again. We should go dancing more often. Then this morning I got up early and worked at my moms restaurant until 2pm that was fun I got to see quite a few sweethearts today including a few of my dear friends. I rushed home after that and made a nice fun Valentines dinner for my family and the missionaries. I made, with the help of Scott and my sister-in-law, homemade Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, ceasar salad and bread. It was yummy. Sorry I meant to take a picture of our cute table. Oh well Happy Valentines Day. I Love You All!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday!

Yesterday we celebrated my brother Dallen's birthday (even though he is in Germany) We had a big Super Bowl Party for him. Happy Birthday Dallen. We missed you! All the family was here and we got stuffed to the brim on Super Bowl Snacks and Food. It was a fun time. Sorry I did not take any pictures. I was cooking and then just to lazy to get the camera out.