Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Break!

We were so lucky to have a wonderful Christmas Vacation. It all started off with us meeting my sweet little nephew Hayden. He was such a good little baby, he let all of us love him,hug him, hold him. He was great! And it was a bonus to see Dallen and Christina.Then we had the Christmas Eve morning breakfast at my mom's that is always fun, I usually spend the whole time in the kitchen, but I get to see everyone that way. Then we were all spoiled with Christmas. The Sunday after Christmas we got to have a afternoon brunch with the Nielson Clan that is always fun but Caren and her family missed out she was sick darnit! Dallen and Christina and Hayden left to go back on Monday that was a big BUMMER! On Tuesday Scott the kids, Madi and I all got to go to Fresno to see the Freeman's and go up to Shaver Lake. Kelsie, Logan and Madi went snow boarding with Scott, the girls and Scott loved it, Logan not so much! The little kids and I got in a lot of sledding, it was a blast! Thanks Freeman's! We got home a week later had a week to get the house in order and play a little more. And now we are back to the regular old life of Everyday life. I hope you all had a great Holiday Season. Love Ya! I will post pictures when scott puts them on the computer.