Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Carson Strikes Again!

So we went grocery shopping at Sam's Club tonight, after getting all the groceries and Scott was waiting to pay, the kids asked if I would get them dessert from the snack bar. I said no problem. So right as I approach the window to order a BIG LOUD siren goes off. I am startled , I look to my left, low and behold there is a door right there and EMERGENCY exit door! And who do you think is standing right there? Who pushed it open? Good Guess! CARSON, I love that kid I think he gets his kicks Humiliating me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twelve Years

Wow twelve years, I can't believe it. Yesterday we had our Twelve year Anniversary. It was great. Scott had a Seminary Conference in the morning, when he got home he did the cutest thing he had the kids bring in twelve things with 12 things in them and each one of them said something cute each time. Because it was our twelfth anniversary on the twelfth of September. I ended up with twelve sunflowers, twelve purple flowers, a bouquet of flowers that cost twelve dollars, a twelve pack of squirt, a twelve pack of creme soda, 12 nutty bars, 12 muffins, 12 snickerdoodles, 12 sugar cookies, a dozen eggs, 12 swiss rolls and then the man I have been married to for twelve years. It was so cute I think it is the most creative Scott has ever been. Thanks Scott I love you! Then I went shopping with Mindy and Kelsie, and Scott and the others went to Scott's softball game, then they met us at the Iron Wok for dinner. Then Scott and I went to a baptism for one of his water polo boys it was so special. What a wonderful day!