Sunday, November 30, 2008

So much Fun!!

We have been soo busy this week. The Scott and the kids had the week off. So when there is a week, why not fill it up. Monday I did hair all day to pay for the week. Tuesday I went and picked up the Kelsie and Logan from Kalli's. Thanks Kalli for letting them spend the night. I also got to tour Kalli's new house. Very nice! Then I came home and cleaned for visitors, and Scott's brother came down from Sacramento and spent the night with Kenny. Nice visit! Wednesday we had Thanksgiving with Scott's family. All the family was there. We all had a great time. Thursday we had Thanksgiving at my mom's with all of her family totaling sixty-five people. We never had a dull moment, and had so much delicious food. (My moms restaurant will be opening in January "The Avocado House" We are so excited.) Then Scott took all the kids home with him and I spent the night and Chino. My mom, Aunt Mari, and I got up at four in the morning we went to Walmart, Toys r Us and JcPennys got great deals. We then had breakfast and met up with Kalli for Kohl's and then a movie with a few of my moms siblings and then a visit with grandma at Aunt Stacy's, Thanks Stacy! Then back home to my house hold.( Did I mention my aunt Uncle and five kids were at home with Scott what a good sport. Thanks Hun!) On saturday my aunt and Uncle took there family and my two oldest with them to San Diego. I just relaxed and cleaned. Nice! Now Sunday we went to church and celebrated Kelsie's Birthday. Happy Birthday Sis! Now whew back to the real world. School starts back tomorrow I am ready for a break!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wow! The End of the year is coming!

I can't believe it before we know it, we will be in the New Year. I feel like it should still be Halloween. And I know Thanksgiving is going to get here to fast. Then before you know it we will blink and Christmas will be gone then we will be ringing in the New Year! I think it is the stores fault they just make these Holidays come and go. We never just get to slow down and just enjoy it. Right after Christmas they will be shoving Valentines day down our throats. Oh what a world, What a world. Well I love you all. and Happy Everything!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween In Fresno!

We had a fun Halloween this year we went to Fresno and celebrated with the Freeman's. It was great the kids had a blast, and they enjoyed eating there candy all weekend long. And they really enjoyed sitting down and trading it with each other. Whatever! it kept them all happy.