Thursday, February 18, 2010

Field Trip Week!

So this week we got home from Utah on Monday the kids went back to school Tuesday and by Tuesday night I was going on a field trip with Logan on Wednesday to the Santa Rosa Plateau and on Thursday with Kelsie to the Eastern Municipal Water District. And now tomorrow it is already going to be Friday, What the heck Where did this week go?????? Well on Wednesday at the Santa Rosa Plateau we got to go on a hike and learn about grasslands, birds, animals and plants and granite. It was interesting and a beautiful day to be hiking. Logan was so glad I was on the field trip with him he kept telling me thanks for coming. Poor neglected kid! Usually all the other parents have first dibs, I guess I am doing something right this year. And today Oh today! I got to go see how they clean up all the water that goes down the toilet, through the washing machine, through the dishwasher and from your yard. WOW!That was crazy everyone should have to experience that once and it would make you be a little better. Talk about a lot of CRAP! Literally! But the good thing is they don't let anyone drink it even though it ends up clear again they use it in the purple pipes at parks and on medians and stuff! I will spare you the yuck of it and just post pictures of the Santa Rosa Plateau! Enjoy Oh and by the way Kelsie was also very grateful that I was able to go with her to. And thanks to my dear friends for watching Carson while I went with my older Kiddos!

Friday, February 12, 2010

12 Kids!

So last weekend was exciting I had twelve kids and It was a pleasant weekend. I got all five of Kalli's kids on Thursday night and I had them till Monday, and I also had Cherisse's three on and off throughout the weekend,plus my own four. We really all had a blast together. We even managed to have a Super Bowl party after church on Sunday with my parents, Darren and the Taylor's. We didn't get to have the Dyer's over on Sunday due to there aunt being in town. The kids were all great and the older ones were such a big help. Thanks kids for such a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Best Girls Weekend!

Aunt Sherrie hosted the best girls weekend this past weekend at her home in Havasu! Aunt Patty, Korie and I arrived Friday evening and we got to go on a boat the the California side and the four of us had dinner together and a lot of laughs It was so fun to be together. Then we arrived back at Aunt Sherrie's and Jamie was there to join us. We stayed up till like one thirty in the morning. Then we awoke at 8:30 and had a nice breakfast and all got ready and went to the cutest little town fair and rodeo, (Aunt patty stayed back home with a migraine) Then we went to the Mall in Havasu and shopped around a bit. Then back to the house to craft. We also made the best dinner Steak, chicken, brats, shrimp and the best assortment of grilled veggies OH YUM! We then crafted till 2:00 am! CRAZY! Then we awoke at 9:00 and Korie had a migraine. We all had breakfast and were getting cleaned up and ready to had back. We had a minor delay and then headed home at 4:00. What a great weekend, guess you had to be there because it really was fun and it was a crack up!