Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

So Christmas was wonderful around the Kneeland home. The kids got overly spoiled like always, we think we don't get much and then we actually did and then Aunt Mindy adds to the pile and it's too much! Oh well the kids loved it. Santa brought Kelsie a new top of the line blow dryer and salon shampoo and conditioner, Logan got a new puppy that the whole family loves, Bailee got a new American girl doll( now Lanie has a friend) she named her Lily, and Carson got Light sabers and a iron man remote control robot. They were very Happy kids. Don't worry about Kelsie I know it doesn't sound exciting but she also got a new snowboarding helmet bindings and boots she just got those early so she could use them last week when we went snowboarding and she loves them and Kelsie being Kelsie she loved the blow dryer and shampoo. We are all very blessed and have really enjoyed this Christmas with family and friends. Here are some pictures to!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I can not believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Crazy! Time just goes by to quick! I feel like it should just be Halloween, then Thanksgiving went whoosh and now here is Christmas. Then on to a New Year. Crazy! The stores already have Valentines Day up. This world just makes everything go much quicker now days. I wish life wasn't so rushed. I would like to just kick back and enjoy the ride. Wow! I am getting old! Well Merry Christmas everyone. It will come back around before we know it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hello Blog sorry I have been so bad at posting! Well since I last posted (which was at Halloween) we have had Thanksgiving which was crazy and hectic. My Grandma Smith passed away the Friday before Thanksgiving so all plans went BYE BYE! We were suppose to have Thanksgiving here with Scott's Family, we still did but it was held on Tuesday then Tuesday night we all left to go to St. George for the funeral on Wednesday. It was nuts! Scott was so sweet for working with all the changes. The funeral went very nice. My Grandma is a Great women. Such a wonderful example to me and my children she will be missed dearly. Then we had Thanksgiving on Thursday with the Smith family, I believe there was ninety of us. Always makes for an exciting party. My Best Friend Jani let us crash at her house, I love staying with her we have so much fun talking , laughing, crying(because we were laughing so hard) She is wonderful and our kids get along Great! Then Friday night we celebrated Kelsie's 11th Birthday wowwee I am getting old next year I will have a Young Women. We then woke up and came home Saturday morning. So after this busy week I have been so looking forward to Christmas Break for a real Break! Now I only have 5 days left and I can't wait for the break. We are not going on any trips and I am so excited to just be home with my family! Yeah! Well that's all 4 now. Later!