Sunday, October 26, 2008

A weekend of fun!!

Oh this weekend was a blast it started out on Friday morning spending four hours in Urgent care, dealing with a real jerk of a doctor and finally getting him to give me a shot and send me home with some drugs. So that I can finally swallow a little by Saturday so I can take Logan and the younger two to there Monte fest at there elementary school. Scott took them to the birthday party from 2-4. I went to bed. And then Scott took them to church today and now the white pockets are finally desolving in the back of my throat. And I hope things will be back to normal by tomorrow. Good old Strep throat got to love it. What a GREAT weekend!! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Night!

We had alot of fun last night. The kids were so excited, we got to decorate for Halloween. So now we are ready for it. I think this has been the first year the majority of the kids are truley excited and actually care what they are going to be. Kelsie wants to be Hannah Montana, Logan a cowboy, Bailee everything under the sun ( but she is the most excited about it, she just can't make up her mind) and Carson a fireman. Whew! So with that said. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend without Kids!!!

Well we got back late last night from our eventful weekend, Thanks to my wonderful DAD! My dad flew all of his children and there spouses out to Washington state for my brother Dallen and sister-in-law Christina's sealing. It was very enjoyable. We spent the whole day on Friday at the Seattle temple. We were able to take my grandparents through and also go through it all for Dallen and Christina. It was a lovely day and great to be in the temple with my parents, all there children, there spouses and Diane Nielson. She makes everything even more enjoyable. After the temple we all went to Red Robin. Saturday we went to Pike's place ( kind of like a huge farmers market in downtown L.A.) The space needle ( enjoyable but very high and windy up there)(A little sea sick feeling) Then to a big crab dinner at The Crab Pit. Thanks mom for the chicken and rice, it was delicious. I will post pictures later. Sunday we slept in got ready then went to Christina's families for the second session of conference and a delicious mexican spread, then it was off to the airport. Thanks mom and dad for the great weekend.